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Platinum Alliance Services is one independently owned leading Corporate Services Provider in Dubai since 2008 with no Headquarter outside the United Arab Emirates. The financial systems have experienced fundamental transparency and regulatory changes while individuals are increasingly tied to multiple countries with cross-border interests within complex international interconnected tax, corporate and estate regulations.

Platinum Alliance Services is a one stop firm services platform providing pragmatic and efficient services to individual entrepreneurs, startup businesses, foreign and local SMEs, multinationals, wealthy international families, HNWIs and UHNWIs. Our one-stop platform is one of its kind in the GCC: a multi-disciplinary aggregate of corporate and fiduciary services, entrepreneur and wealth management specialist expertise, Citizenship and Residency specialist practice.

  • Second Passport, Permanent residency, Visas Free, Business opportunities
  • Europe, Caribbean, Bahamas, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland.

Our Profile

P.A.S. Citizenship, the leading trusted citizenship & residency provider for straightforward, confidential and lawful obtainment of second passport or permanent residency with no or slight residency requirements. Our Mission as leaders in Second Citizenship & Residency…


Key Benefits

Dual nationality grants a person the right to be a citizen of several countries simultaneously enjoying the benefits of these countries such as…


The majority of immigration programs around the world (such as EB-5 USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and main European countries)…


European residency investments programs have been designed to promote direct investments in the European countries…


P.A.S. Citizenship, the leading trusted citizenship & residency provider for straightforward, confidential and lawful obtainment of second…

Dying intestate, without a will, is a source of tremendous difficulties (tax, succession, dismantlement of a family business, distribution of estate type of issues…). Establishing a will is the minimum structuring which could be made. It could also mitigate the application of local succession laws (e.g. Sharia law…). The will could be registered abroad or in UAE.

Estate, Governance & Asset Protection Planning
  • UAE and Foreign Trusts, Foundations, Charities, Holding and SPVs
  • Structuring and Administration

Banking Services and Assistance

  • Private & Corporate Bank account opening in UAE and abroad…

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  • Banking Transparency Worldwide (CRS advisory/AEOI)- automatic exchange of banking information…

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International Trading

  • Corporate intermediation (import-export)
  • Intermediary sourcing of commodities- Trade finance

African and GCC Business Network and Market Entries

  • Introduction to Privilege network of African and GCC Businessmen and Investment Funds (Agro/O&G/Industry/Banking/
    Finance/Real Estate)
  • Access to off market opportunities (M&A) in various field of activities (Finance, agro food, infrastructure, insurance, real estate….).

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